Make a dramatic impact on your students! In this 5-course graduate certificate program, develop new approaches for a variety of curriculum topics in K-12 classrooms or other educational settings using Drama as a learning method.

Certificate students take five 3-credit graduate courses offered by the drama department—meeting either in-person on campus, or online.

The entire certificate may be earned completely via online courses.

Designed to specifically accommodate the schedules of working teachers, classes are offered evenings and during summer semesters.

The program accepts applications year round. It is possible to start the program fall, spring, or summer.

If you have applied or plan to apply, please contact the Head of the Program, Rosalind Flynn: 

Prospective Students

This graduate certificate will enhance the credentials of students and professionals, including:

  • Students with Bachelors, or graduate degrees who wish to add value to their degree and increase their credentials.
  • Educators who aim to enhance their teaching credentials and satisfy their school system’s requirements for Continuing Education Units.
  • Theatre professionals who want to enrich their pedagogical knowledge.
  • Students considering the possibility of a graduate degree.
  • Students who do not live in the Washington, DC area.

Gain Practical Experience in Arts Integration

  • Learn and implement best practices in arts integration using the Dramatic arts.
  • Develop the skills to design and deliver creative learning experiences to elementary and secondary students in ways that reach beyond the Theatre classroom.
  • Study and practice how to harness the power of classroom participation in Drama and Theatre activities in ways that are productive, manageable, engaging, and have genuine learning purposes.
  • Increase understanding of Theatre as an enduring art form.
  • Document and share your learning using current technology.
  • Interact with a cohort of learners from a wide variety of geographic locations through regularly scheduled video meetings.

Students enrolled in the certificate program who wish to continue with courses and earn a Master of Arts in Theatre Education are welcome to apply to and complete the degree program.