Students meet weekly (summer sessions) or bi-weekly (academic year semesters) via computer and interact with their instructor and classmates in real time. They observe and discuss videos, slides, articles, and documents all viewable on their screens; they engage in live interactions with the instructor and other course participants; and share documents, PowerPoint presentations, and videos of their course assignments. All online sessions are recorded and made available to students for viewing or reviewing after the live sessions. Course assignments are submitted through Blackboard.


"What worked for me: I was worried about doing a synchronous class that relied so heavily on a good internet connection for streaming, but it seems my computer and broadband got me through most of the time. I'm glad it did, because the more immediate discussion and intimacy afforded by the synchronous meetings were a real benefit. I loved having access to back issues of the professional periodicals and other resources available through the CUA library system. And being introduced to ways of using technical applications for assignments gave me lots of brainstorms for how to use those applications with students to streamline submissions and expose them to tech."

“As there are no programs for teachers of theatre in my state (Maine), it would have been very difficult, if not impossible, to get the training I needed to complete my certification without this course. The synchronous online format of Teaching Theatre made it possible to have an experience as close to being in a classroom as possible, and at a convenient time of year for my teaching schedule, as could be desired.”

“This is my second time taking an online only class, and my fourth class with some portion online. Even though our time is limited, it doesn't feel rushed because of the careful planning involved in the class structure. I can take class from Chicago, and see my classmates in DC, Maryland, West Virginia, and Maine each week - it's a great way to learn!”

“The best part was being able to attend while still enjoying my summer. If this class had not been run in the online format, I may not have been able to fit it into my schedule. For me, it was a vacation of learning. It was a collaboration of like minds that I ended up being able to access in the middle of a lake in Texas.”