"My favorite memory was the year after I left CUA and Father Hartke called me in NYC where I was a desperate actress. It was Christmastime and he said 'Fallon, this Christmas I give you the gift of courage.'"
– Siobhan Fallon, MFA, 1985

"Always enjoyed my days at CUA's Hartke, especially the people who made the time so special. I hope all the alums had as much fun, learning, and camaraderie as I did."
– Thomas Ellett, MFA, 1992

"Fondest memories of my years at CUA: Sunday evening lab shows, sudden arrival of pizza and sticky buns at rehearsals, great opening night parties at our house on 12th street...the theatre roof falling in while I was in the box office during a snow storm, performing at the White House prior to our tour to Israel with the State Department..."
– Jo Ann Emmerich, BA, 1964; MA, 1971