Courses in accounting, management, and marketing offered through the Drama Department, and the School of Business prepare students for all aspects of nonprofit management in the performing arts.

Advising will be coordinated through the Tim and Steph Busch School of Business.


Junior standing, ACCT305, MGT323, and one of the following: ECON100/101/102/103/104 or HSSS102.


ECON 100 – Fundamentals of Economics. (ECON 100 is preferred, but the following substitutions will be accepted: SRES 101, ECON 101, ECON 103).

ACCT 205– Intro Accounting

MGT 123B - Foundations of Business

MKT 345 – Marketing Management

MUS 575 or DR 306  – Arts Management

Arts Internship - DR 495, MUS 495B, or MGT 495A

Arts Elective (choose one elective from the below list ). Consult with your advisor for other options. Substitution requests should be submitted to Dr. Cannizzaro.

MUS 110
MUS 111
MUS 112
MUS 276
MUS 433
MUS 501A
MUS 506
MUS 533
DR 105
DR 205
DR 403
DR 410
DR 426