To be certified to teach Drama in most states, students must hold a bachelor's degree, complete an approved teacher-certification program, and pass the required certification exams.

Most states require the Praxis Theatre exam, a two-hour multiple-choice test focusing on multiple aspects of theater knowledge and the teaching of drama. To pass the test, students must have knowledge of popular theatrical works and an overview of different genres. They must also demonstrate a knowledge of the more technical aspects of theatrical productions, directing skills and techniques for showing emotion and being expressive on stage, as well as how to train students to use those techniques.

For a theatre teacher it is nearly essential to be certified in another subject area. Since most secondary school drama programs are run out of English departments, a secondary teaching area—English as well as Drama—makes students more marketable and gives them more options for full-time teaching jobs. The students’ English minor will further enhance their teaching credentials.

A master's degree in educational theatre also qualifies graduates to teach at community colleges.