Consider the Theatre Educator Track of the MATE degree program if you are -- or want to be:

A Teacher of Theatre

Build or enhance your abilities to develop creativity in young people via the art form of theatre. Increase your professional skills, both the practical and theoretical, with MATE courses that focus on theatre teaching methods, design, western theatre and culture, and a variety of educational topics.

A Director of Educational Theatre Productions

Increase your skills in casting, directing and working with young people in theatrical productions. Learn the aesthetic fundamentals of theatre production and the basics of stagecraft in the fields of construction, painting, costumes, lighting and sound.

A Director of Theatre Education

Enhance your credentials as a theatre professional who runs one of the education departments integral to nearly all major theatres nationwide. Strengthen your understanding of issues important to the artists, educators and students who participate in your programming.

A Closer Look...

The program's curriculum concentrates on four related areas:

  • developing practical skills for the creation and production of plays and teaching of theatre in K-12 schools and community programs,
  • advancing the skills of the theatre artist as a writer, dramaturge, and collaborator working with diverse populations,
  • using the techniques of dramatists (actors, directors, designers, playwrights) to enhance the learning process across the curriculum and in different educational settings,
  • creating a more complex understanding of how the dramatic arts can impact the curriculum in K-12 schools and the community as a whole.

The M.A. in Theatre Education requires the satisfactory completion of 33 course credit hours and passing a comprehensive exam.

The Head of the Program and the student’s advisor determine course choices in consultation with each student, keeping in mind his or her background and objectives. Each student must have a total of 30 credit hours of approved course work and complete a 3 credit supervised project (DR 951).